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Bottle and Flower


We are delighted to tell you that our handcrafted, luxury designer oils are a must have necessity for everyone. Giving you the confidence of smelling magnificent, for a very long time!

  • Gentle and safe on skin
  • 100% Alcohol Free
  • Long lasting
  • Pure and Uncut

We are truly excited to let you know that we have finally launched our website! After selling our Essential and Luxury Designer Oils from a brick and mortar store, we have now converted to a fully online webstore. We will provide you with prompt shipping and great customer service! Thank you very much!

Ladies and Gentleman,

We strive to provide you with the purest, uncut, and the longest lasting luxury perfume oils in the world! Alcohol Free!


“I can’t recommend this enough. I haven’t tried the “real” Bitter Peach but I can say that this is a fabulous sweet scent Plays very nice with my aggressive body chemistry. Lasts a long time but isn’t cloying or overpowering. An excellent fruity peach fragrance for an adult or anyone else who wants to be slightly understated.” – N. Greer

“Smells like an expensive hotel lobby in a really really good way. I love it and got a compliment at the movies the other day.”

“Superb customer service from beginning to end!! Will definitely purchase from again and will recommend!!.”


Luxury Designer Oils. Spend a total of $45 and receive FREE SHIPPING